Thanks to YOU

Following are messages from those you have helped impact.  The ripple effect of your gift is vast.



Thanks to funding from The New York Bar Foundation we have been able to assist 70 veterans with VA claims and an additional 41 Veterans and their families with a variety of civil legal issues.  How you made a difference


"We supported Mr. K. in his case with the Division of Human Rights, helping him to formulate his legal arguments and representing him at the Division's investigative conference. The Division conducted the conference to determine whether there was probable cause to believe that Mr. K's former employer engaged in unlawful discriminatory practices. Although the conference was tense – Mr. K. was sitting just feet away from his former manager who had dismissed and degraded him on numerous occasions – Mr. K. showed great amounts of fortitude and courage. After their investigation, the Division of Human Rights issued a probable cause determination. More than anything else, Mr. K. really wanted to be heard and vindicated, and he was. Thank you to The New York Bar Foundation for their support in making this fantastic work possible."   The Empire Justice Center


"The Door's Legal Services Center was able to help this young person successfully terminate deportation proceedings, and he is currently awaiting his green card. We appreciate The New York Bar Foundation's longstanding support, and hope to continue growing our positive impact on the lives of young people."   The Door


"The youth panel made a call for change, and professionals universally left motivated to assess their own practice and to make changes in their practice. The New York Bar Foundation grant left an indelible mark on the Broken Adoptions Project and the symposium by allowing The Children’s Law Center the opportunity to work with youth in this empowering way and to have the youth see their efforts heard."  The Children's Law Center